Our team involves experienced & creative members.

Ashutosh Technology Private Limited is government authorized incorporation company.

CIN-  (U72900OR2020PTC033803)

And also certified:-

Certificate of Incorporation

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Udyam Registration Certificates

Bringing dream to the reality, We work with you to achieve your goals

Provide all kind of it service

Solutions for all security

Most expert peoples

Global support for all

We know our duty is to serve our customer's demands, either it's local or global.

Our offering to global clients is enormous. Nowadays we provide services to too many international organizations. Our service provision varies from small business to big market solutions. Our vision is to be a global service provider.  

We facilitate consumer-centric culture.

Our experienced team finds out, understands & safe customer business-related problems and provides outstanding service to them.

Our organization is divided into various sections, all the parts of the organization do teamwork & serve to the customer.

Our Team

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