We are living in the Information Age. The Internet has changed our lives and these changes are irreversible. Slowly every home is being taken over by the Internet. People have switched over to paying all their bills online, banking online, and even shopping online. Internet is being used by people for various purposes. The more people get on to the internet and search for information, the more opportunities.

Why E-Commerce?

E-commerce brings its own unique advantages and contribution to businesses. First and foremost internet being a world wide web, opens up the world as a market to businesses. Businesses can reach out to millions of customers in an instant which is not possible in any conventional mode of marketing. One of the most significant advantages that E-Commerce offers is the cost. The cost of marketing online across the globe is minuscule when compared to the actual cost of marketing in conventional ways. The cost per transaction works out to be very cheap. More over E-Commerce promotes paperless offices and processes thus contributing to savings in terms of resources too. These and many more advantages make obvious business sense for companies to market their products and services online.


Being completely professional is what we always thrive for. Once you choose us it will be our job to outstand your requirements.

Some of the perks of choosing us...

1. Unimpeachable character

First and foremost, our employees are a person of the highest character. We are consummate professionals in what we do. 

We are willing to put the best interest of the client ahead of our own.

We are willing to tell the clients things that they need to hear, not what they want to. We treat clients as a family of our own.

2. Solid experience

What made ASHUTOSH TECHNOLOGY make it till here is the challenges and opportunities our company has

faced yet overcome them with flying color. To date we have completed 18  projects, dealing with each and

every project with utmost proficiency, we have at least 7 running projects under our banner. Customer

satisfaction is not only our priority but a promise too.

3. Creative problem-solving skills

We are an outstanding problem solver. Since we got our first project, it was our then strategy to not only track

down the client's requirements but also track down the problems associated with the requirements and come up

with a solution.